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Victoria High Mass Set - Gold

 VICTORIA HIGH MASS SET This set is inspired by various collections in the Victoria Albert Museum from its colour scheme to the cutting. The shape of the chasuble is Semi Gothic and the lining is made out of coral red cotton linen. One of the greatest feature of this chasuble is the braids and orphrey are specially made. The braid are inspired by the chasuble given by St Augustine Abbey, Ramsgate to VA Museum. It is designed by A.W.N Pugin and probably made around 1848 for the Abbey. The orphrey's pattern are inspired by a carved silver pyx made in the 18th century. The colour are specially selected to contrast with the braid along. The emblem of IHS is specially embroidered with gold thread and blue silk. It is adorned with 4 fleur de lys around the four corners. Each end of the orphreys are finished with a crown of gold. *Tassels and Apparel for amice sold seperately Commission price RM2600 ( 628 USD ) Low Mass Set - Chasuble / Stole / Maniple / Burse / Veil RM8400 ( 2080 USD ) H

Vestments Reproduction - Cope

Vestment Reproduction - Cope

This Cope is a reproduction of an old cope made in the 80's. The original cope was sent to the studio for a references without the stole. Usually the studio would not take this kind of work as i prefer to work on traditional vestments. However, this piece of vestments has its value in the history, especially those who serve in South East Asia would most probably seen or using these before.

The Original cope has a thin acetate fabric as the main body and the orphrey were made of cloth of gold with a lotus pattern. This combination was very common during that period as the hot and humid weather in South East Asia has changes the practice of vestment very much.

The cost to import liturgical fabric was too expensive and hence the original cloth of gold with lotus pattern was used for chinese scroll making as the frame surrounding the painting or caligraphy.

Notably the embroidery work was a combination of gold paper as an outline then the maroon pattern is finish with applique method.

Over the time, the original cloth of gold has started to shrink and being not able to hold the gold paper work. The Gold paper has started to curled and making the orphrey distorted.

The new reproduction is made of medium weight viscose and cloth of gold weaved in Korea. The method of embroidery is replicate exactly according to the original.

The missing stole was made according to the original layout to match the new cope.

One may notice the cope is now broader as the client has a wider shoulder and taller height.

You may have a look at the bottom for the comparison before and after.