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Dolorosa Series

This is my new series of 2021 which is known as Dolorosa. The contrast between the perfectness of Christ presented by a rounded finial cross ( the curves represent the capabilities to embrace the uneven or sharp edges - Love ) surrounded by thorns and nails - ( Pain and sufferings ). A reminder of Christ submission to the pain and agony without resisting with His strength. The body fabric is made of cotton linen blend and the embossed effect resemble various size of floral pattern. The lining is lined with pure natural cotton voile. Ordering details click here

Commissioning and Postage


 - Facebook Page :
 - Email Address :
 - Visiting the studio : by appointment only

The studio will check our mailbox twice a week, and we shall respond to each email or messages on facebook as soon as possible.


Please check with the studio on the material availability as the studio DO NOT stock most of the fabric only until a order is made. The studio has its own bespoke trim, braid and orphrey which is solely used for its very own works only. Customization is available for most vestments and do write to us for more details.


The standard of payment is as followed
 - Deposit
 - Remaining amount + Postage fee

* A slot will ONLY be booked after receiving the deposit to confirm the order.

* Upon depositing the amount requested, the material to commission the project will be purchase as the studio does not usually keep fabric or material stock.

Mode of payment
 - International ( PAYPAL ) ( Contact us for Wire transfer )
 - Malaysia ( Cash or Online Transfer )


As most of our project are custom made/bespoke, we are unable to provide an accurate postage fee only until the package is fully packed and sealed. However, here below is some information for those who like to get a quotation in advance.

Sample of Low mass set
33cm x 30cm x 10cm ( based on DHL BOX )

International - Fedex 
International - DHL
International - EMS

Malaysia - Contact for details

Tax and Duties
 - Customer are responsible for all Tax and Duties


Write to us if you have a expected date of completion, so that we may assist you better with the dates and make the progress smoother.

Deposit are not refundable. Client are expected to pay the deposit within 14 days after completions notification, any delay without prior notifications will terminate the order and deposit are none refundable.


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