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Medieval blue low mass set

Medieval Blue Low Mass Set

This set is made out of a blue linen 60% cotton 40% blend with floral pattern. The Orphrey is made out of deep blue velvet outlined with St Benet trim. The lining is made out of rustic red cotton linen.

Chalice Veil and Burse

Studio's Standard

The Studio's Standard are the common size that would suits most churches. For special size requirement, kindly write to me while placing an order. Although these has been publish publicly, i would appreciate if any one would like to copy the design write to me in advance before any reprint or reproduction. I intend to share these not only an aid to help my client but also an references for those who would like to learn about vestments. These are my own interpretation of cutting and pattern, they are original work of mine after many years of study and collections of data. Therefore, if any commercial usage is founded or reported, an action would be taken.