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Victoria High Mass Set - Gold

 VICTORIA HIGH MASS SET This set is inspired by various collections in the Victoria Albert Museum from its colour scheme to the cutting. The shape of the chasuble is Semi Gothic and the lining is made out of coral red cotton linen. One of the greatest feature of this chasuble is the braids and orphrey are specially made. The braid are inspired by the chasuble given by St Augustine Abbey, Ramsgate to VA Museum. It is designed by A.W.N Pugin and probably made around 1848 for the Abbey. The orphrey's pattern are inspired by a carved silver pyx made in the 18th century. The colour are specially selected to contrast with the braid along. The emblem of IHS is specially embroidered with gold thread and blue silk. It is adorned with 4 fleur de lys around the four corners. Each end of the orphreys are finished with a crown of gold. *Tassels and Apparel for amice sold seperately Commission price RM2600 ( 628 USD ) Low Mass Set - Chasuble / Stole / Maniple / Burse / Veil RM8400 ( 2080 USD ) H

Studio's Standard

The Studio's Standard are the common size that would suits most churches. For special size requirement, kindly write to me while placing an order. Although these has been publish publicly, i would appreciate if any one would like to copy the design write to me in advance before any reprint or reproduction. I intend to share these not only an aid to help my client but also an references for those who would like to learn about vestments. These are my own interpretation of cutting and pattern, they are original work of mine after many years of study and collections of data. Therefore, if any commercial usage is founded or reported, an action would be taken.