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Medieval blue low mass set

Medieval Blue Low Mass Set

This set is made out of a blue linen 60% cotton 40% blend with floral pattern. The Orphrey is made out of deep blue velvet outlined with St Benet trim. The lining is made out of rustic red cotton linen.

Chalice Veil and Burse

Green Cope ( Restoration and Reapplication )

Green Cope ( Restoration and Reapplication )

This cope is made of green cotton blend damask and the orphrey, accessories and embroideries are transfer from an old cope that is badly damaged. The orphrey and buttons at the morse are clean with mild agent to prevent fading the colour.

The hood of the cope is embroidered with Japanese gold thread and the red were the only remnants that could be restored and reuse from the previous cope's hood.

The embroidery are carefully scan and pattern transfer onto a tracing paper to copy the exact
embroidery design from the previous hood.

Here below is the state of the cope upon arriving the studio for restoration. The original fabric was polyester acetate with palm leaves pattern. The old gold thread is no longer usable and the tassels were soak in a mild agent to clean the old dirt away.