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Dolorosa Series

This is my new series of 2021 which is known as Dolorosa. The contrast between the perfectness of Christ presented by a rounded finial cross ( the curves represent the capabilities to embrace the uneven or sharp edges - Love ) surrounded by thorns and nails - ( Pain and sufferings ). A reminder of Christ submission to the pain and agony without resisting with His strength.

Monastic Surplice

Monastic Surplice

This surplice is a rendition of an early design depicted in an old painting of monastic monks at the death of St Bede and another photos from a 20th century liturgical arts journal, L'Art d'Eglise . The Surplice is made of pure cotton and they had been starched, hence the drape of the shirt is firm ( This is a new surplice before washing )

The surplice is made without a gathers and it does not has a seam attaching the arm and the body. It is made of one single piece of wide cotton.
The Rev. D. E. Snapp, 1860-1923. For 33 years the beloved pastor of the Martin Luther Church (Ohio Synod), Baltimore Md

from the 20th century liturgical arts journal, L'Art d'Eglise