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Medieval blue low mass set

Medieval Blue Low Mass Set

This set is made out of a blue linen 60% cotton 40% blend with floral pattern. The Orphrey is made out of deep blue velvet outlined with St Benet trim. The lining is made out of rustic red cotton linen.

Chalice Veil and Burse

Monastic Surplice

Monastic Surplice

This surplice is a rendition of an early design depicted in an old painting of monastic monks at the death of St Bede and another photos from a 20th century liturgical arts journal, L'Art d'Eglise . The Surplice is made of pure cotton and they had been starched, hence the drape of the shirt is firm ( This is a new surplice before washing )

The surplice is made without a gathers and it does not has a seam attaching the arm and the body. It is made of one single piece of wide cotton.
The Rev. D. E. Snapp, 1860-1923. For 33 years the beloved pastor of the Martin Luther Church (Ohio Synod), Baltimore Md

from the 20th century liturgical arts journal, L'Art d'Eglise