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Dolorosa Series

This is my new series of 2021 which is known as Dolorosa. The contrast between the perfectness of Christ presented by a rounded finial cross ( the curves represent the capabilities to embrace the uneven or sharp edges - Love ) surrounded by thorns and nails - ( Pain and sufferings ). A reminder of Christ submission to the pain and agony without resisting with His strength. The body fabric is made of cotton linen blend and the embossed effect resemble various size of floral pattern. The lining is lined with pure natural cotton voile. Ordering details click here

The Introduction

JH Design Chamber was founded at 2008 as a small studio producing some simple altar linens for my parish church. It was never intended to begin as what is seen today making more vestments and restoration. At the early beginning, i had very limited knowledge in vestment making , vessels restoration or even wood working. For the first few years, i only make simple altar linen like purificators and cassock, at most simple chasuble. Perhaps some small scale wood working was done during that period, and the first project was a missal stand.


At the year of 2012, I was awarded in the competition hosted by AkzoNobel, receiving the grand prize entitled Dulux Emerging Talent Awards. Along with the awards, was a trip to London and Amsterdam, a journey to explore and learn. The trip to Amsterdam open my eyes on how restoration was done, particularly during the visit to Rijk Museum for study and learn about the restoration of the museum.

I had started to learn more about embroidery at the year of 2014, refining my skills in embroidery. But it was never a common skills to find a lecture in Malaysia, moreover on the skills of Ecclesiastical Embroidery. The only way to study was to read books, study old vestments and research.

In 2015, i achieved my dream of building a pipe organ. Ever since then, my understanding in wood working started to accumulates. That has lead me into further exploring by making and designing some wood works for the church. The high mass set of wooden candlestick and crucifix was design and produce at the year of 2018.

During the year of 2016, i was blessed to visit a special Exhibition of the artifacts from the Holy See in Taiwan. For the past years, i had tried to visit churches and museums around the world to study about the church architectures and ecclesiastical arts.

In the year of 2018, i had continue my studies in embroidery by visiting China, learning more about hand embroidery using various different technique. And until today, i had never cease to learn to serve the church better.


Just as the motto of the studio "Ad Dei Gloriam", JH design chamber was founded to help my parish church and later for the diocese. By God's will, may the works of my hands be pleasing unto the sight of the Lord and may it an edification unto His people.