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Victoria Low Mass Set

Victoria Low Mass Set The body fabric is made of cotton blend and the embossed effect resemble various size of floral pattern. The lining may be lined with Cotton Linen blend OR Bridal Taffeta ( Man made fibre ) All trimmings and fringes are weave by gold thread with man made fibre yarn Commission price RM2600 ( 628 USD ) Low Mass Set - Chasuble / Stole / Maniple / Burse / Veil RM7600 ( 1850 USD ) High Mass Set - Chasuble / Dalmatic / Tunicle / Stole x 2 / Maniple x 3 / Cope / Humeral veil / Burse / Veil Ordering details click here Click on the link below for each item Chasuble Stole Maniple Chalice veil and burse

Chasuble - Batik

Chasuble - Batik

A chasuble made of cotton silk with a printed batik pattern cotton as the orphrey. The hand embroidered cross is made by couching gold thread and french knots using the matching coloured thread.

The cutting of the chasuble is a full gothic with a cowl collar.

The matching stole is design to match the local's church standards.

Batik is one of the characters of South East Asia's fabric printing art.