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Dolorosa Series

This is my new series of 2021 which is known as Dolorosa. The contrast between the perfectness of Christ presented by a rounded finial cross ( the curves represent the capabilities to embrace the uneven or sharp edges - Love ) surrounded by thorns and nails - ( Pain and sufferings ). A reminder of Christ submission to the pain and agony without resisting with His strength. The body fabric is made of cotton linen blend and the embossed effect resemble various size of floral pattern. The lining is lined with pure natural cotton voile. Ordering details click here

Old Chalice Burse

 Old chalice burse

This is an old chalice burse which is heavily worn out, the edges are torn and the stains of wine are spreading around also the candle wax.

The fabric are carefully remove from the cardboard, then the ophrey are removed from the body. The body is then washed and a layer of new interlining is added to sustain the strength of the body. The ophrey is then stitched back onto the body.