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Dolorosa Series

This is my new series of 2021 which is known as Dolorosa. The contrast between the perfectness of Christ presented by a rounded finial cross ( the curves represent the capabilities to embrace the uneven or sharp edges - Love ) surrounded by thorns and nails - ( Pain and sufferings ). A reminder of Christ submission to the pain and agony without resisting with His strength. The body fabric is made of cotton linen blend and the embossed effect resemble various size of floral pattern. The lining is lined with pure natural cotton voile. Ordering details click here

Lenten Array

The Above is made for a parish in Oxford, UK

It has a pairs of book marks and a pulpit fall

Here below is another set made for the diocese of Kuching, Malaysia.

Traditional Sarum Use Antependium with full set of matching vestments, it is donated to the St Thomas Cathedral, Kuching. The design is inspire by the passion of Christ. I did quite a numbers of case study to understand how is should represent and how it should be done. The full set consist of

Celebrant - Chasuble, Stole, Maniple, Apparel collar
Deacon - Stole, Maniple, Apparel collar
Sub Deacon - Maniple, Apparel collar
Priest - Stole ( Assisting clergy )
Chalice veil & Burse
Veil for processional cross
Veil for Our Lady of Kuching
Veil for pulpit cruxifix
Apparel collar - 3 server

The five smaller cross symbolise the five wound of Christ and the Big cross in the middle with 3 droplets represent Christ and the slightly smaller crosses at the side symbolise the other criminals
The emblem from the top left to right and bottom left to right

Thirty pieces of silver in 3 bags taken by Judas Iscariot, Crown of Thorns, Whip, Rooster of Peter's denial
Pincer and Hammer, Reed and Sponge, 3 nails, robe and dice

 Chalice Veil and Burse

Set of Maniple, stoles and veil for cross